Board of Governors

The Board of Governors comprises 17 members – 16 elected or appointed and the Principal.

The Principal sits at all Board meetings and many sub committees but is a non-voting member. The Board of Governors meets on a regular basis throughout the school year. The sub committees meet as often as required and then report back to the Board of Governors. Any recommendations made by the sub committees must be ratified by the full Board before they become policy. The Board of Governors must be balanced in terms of religious tradition and gender.

If you would like to contact our Board of Governors, please do so through the College office.


Judith Jervis Chairperson Foundation
John Lynas Vice Chairperson Foundation
Dr Robert Jennings   Foundation
Alastair Martin   Foundation
Pauline Martin   Foundation
Vacancy   Foundation
Mark Poulter   Parent
Paula Bingham   Parent
Jeff Campbell   Parent
Lorraine Daisley   Parent
Chris Perry   DENI
Tony Gatt   DENI
Vacancy   DENI
Vacancy DENI
Gareth Lynn   Teacher
Donal Graham   Teacher